Antje Wichtrey:
Picture "Flamingo" (2008)


Antje Wichtrey:
Picture "Flamingo" (2008)

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Limited, 50 pieces | Numbered | Signed | Colour woodcut | Unframed | Size 52 x 50 cm

Antje Wichtrey: Picture "Flamingo" (2008)

Colour woodcut. Edition of 50 pieces, numbered and signed. Unframed. Motive size 44 x 44 cm. Sheet size 52 x 50 cm.

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She has made human rights visible. The German artist Antje Wichtrey has been awarded the Golden Dove. The artist made woodcuts of the 30 human rights in order to highlight the importance of human rights. So they lined up in a row with winners like Vaclav Havel, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Dalai Lama.

The artist was born in 1966, grew up in Munich, studied painting and printmaking in Hildesheim. Since 1989, she has numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad. Already in her first study in Granada and Andalusia produced her first woodcuts.

But above all a picturesque quality and precise selected colour differentiation her work are reduced forms and graphic stylization. Each sheet has such a unique character. Herein lies their specificity and strength, a technique that was developed in the middle ages for reproduction. The adventurous layering of transparent and saturated colour, even reaching pigment mixtures and each individual colour hand print, give a high degree of vividness and originality for each individual sheet.

It now lives in Granada, Andalusia and is engaged as an illustrator of works of world literature.

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