Set of 2 pictures "Almighty Christ" + "Virgin Mary Sweet kissing"


Set of 2 pictures "Almighty Christ" + "Virgin Mary Sweet kissing"

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Silkscreen printing on canvas and wood | Sealed | Handpatinated | Swarovski Crystal | Certificate | Size per each 35 x 43 cm | 2 icon as a set

Set of 2 pictures "Almighty Christ" + "Virgin Mary Sweet kissing"

The Orthodox Church icons are not a simple “pictures” they are a part of the church tradition. In the Orthodox Church, icons are considered to be sacred, being a mean of spiritual communion between the heavenly and earthly realms. Not a few people attribute miracles to icon. The pictures, very reticent varies from the original made by an anonymous Holy scribe “Hagiography”, the importance of the sacred icons corresponds to their design: designed elaborately painted and decorated with gold leaves.

A special printing process is necessary for a convincing reproduction of such a masterpiece. It is the only way that the intensity of the colours can be transmitted authentically on the icon canvas. The background image (the "divine light") is achieved by a shiny metal alloy. A certificate describing motive and reproductions technology can be found on the back of these icons.

"ِAlmighty Christ", The anointed as ruler of the world. The icon represent Jesus standing, as expressed in the Gospels and raising his right hand for benediction.The Nimbus is studded with Swarovski crystals, moreover the icon is equipped with carnelian. Size 35 x 43 cm.

"Virgin Mary Sweet Kissing":The Virgin Mary icon designated (Glykophilousa) shows the Mother of God caressing her son Jesus, while she appears sad, seemingly contemplating his coming passion. The nimbus (halo) of both characters is studded with refined Swarovski crystals . Size 35 x 43 cm.

Both icons in set.

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