Akhenaten portrait head with attached crown


Akhenaten portrait head with attached crown


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Museum-replica | Artistic metallic castings| Handmade | 2 part reduction | Overall Height: 23.5 cm


Akhenaten portrait head with attached crown

When Amenhotep IV ascended the throne of Egypt, the people in the old Egypt believed in innumerable deities. After a few years of his reign, the Pharaoh married with Nefertiti decided the appointment of a new, single God for his country. The cult of the Sun God Aton was born, a manifestation of re, which should symbolize the Sun as the source of all life. Amenhotep IV forbade the belief in the old gods his people and henceforth called himself Akhenaten ("who like the Aton"). For the new God ATEN was the ancient capital of Thebes as the seat of the Royal Court abandoned and founded the new, glitzy capital Akhet Aton. In the "horizon of Aton", the present-day Amarna, magnificent temple built under an open sky, to receive the beneficial rays of ATEN. The new religion to the people of the ancient Egypt meant to abandon their faith in the life after death in the blessed land of the West. Where the Sun went down, Aton was as creator of life did not exist and not resurrect the dead. The loss of this important basis of faith divided the population into two groups. There were violent riots between supporters and opponents of the new cult to the Sun God Aton. Only after the death of the Pharaoh, the old religion under Akhenaten's son Tutankhamen took back to their origin. Hardly a Pharaoh has so fascinated his contemporaries and posterity, and influenced such as Akhenaten. Portrait Head of the ruler with the Crown.

Original: Museum August Kestner Hannover. 18th Dynasty, around 1360 BC., Amarna. 2-pieces hand casting as reducing polymeric ars mundi museum replica. Height incl.base 23.5 cm.

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