David Gerstein:
3D-Wall Sculpture "5th Avenue J" (2016), Aluminium


David Gerstein:
3D-Wall Sculpture "5th Avenue J" (2016), Aluminium


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Limited, 150 copies | Numbered | Signed | Aluminum in 3 layers | Painted by hand | Format 69 x 76 cm (H/W)


David Gerstein: 3D-Wall Sculpture "5th Avenue J" (2016), Aluminium

The play of light and shadow enhances the spatial effect of his three-dimensional wall objects made of metal, they begin to literally "live." They are handpainted by the artist himself and are unique pieces that, with their cheerfulness and their optimism, set small monuments to the individual in modern urban space.

In this work, Gerstein's pedestrians show the pulsating life of the city. Even in the crowd, his metropolitans still appear to the viewer as individualists who go their way.

Three-dimensional wall sculpture made of hand-painted aluminum in three superimposed levels. Limited edition 150 copies, numbered and signed. The size 69 x 76 cm (H/W).

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Porträt des Künstlers David GersteinThe Israeli artist David Gerstein (born in 1944 in Jerusalem) studied art in Paris and New York. He is one of the most important contemporary sculptors of his homeland and has long been an established personality around the world. Since 1972 he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally and is also a lecturer.

Fascinated by the novelty and the unusual, he breaks with established norms and develops his own signature by combining a wide variety of stylistic devices. Gerstein's works of art and three-dimensional metal objects are bright color fireworks of powerful expressiveness that tell little stories - taken from the life. Unconventional and witty.

A plastic work of sculptural art made of wood, stone, ivory, bronze or other metals.

While sculptures from wood, ivory or stone are made directly from the block of material, for bronze casting a working model is prepared at first. Usually it is made of clay or other easily shaped materials.

The prime time of sculpture after the Roman antiquity was the Renaissance. Impressionism gave a new impulse to the sculptural arts. Also the contemporary artists, such as Jorg Immendorf, Andora, and Markus Lupertz enriched the sculpture with outstanding works.

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