René Galassi:
3D-Painting "Adam", Framed


René Galassi:
3D-Painting "Adam", Framed

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Limited, total 28 copies | Numbered | Signed | Paper created and colored by hand | Framed | Glazed | Format 74 x 54 x 6 cm (H/W/D)

René Galassi: 3D-Painting "Adam", Framed

The development of Galassis as an artist began with painting, but he soon took up etching and different graphics techniques. His latest works do not deviate from this, but resort to a different approach: the artist directly processes the handmade paper that is otherwise used for graphics printing, colors it in bright colors, shapes it into structures and patterns, and finally, with the help of a display case, the frame turns into a three-dimensional "picture".

"Adam": handmade, dyed with specially prepared pigments paper. Framed in white solid wood frame with Plexiglas protection. The format 74 x 54 x 6 cm (H/W/D). Limited edition of 25 copies + 3 E.A., signed and numbered.

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Designation for the painting and sculpture detached from the representational portrayal, which spread from around 1910 in ever new style variations across the whole western and parts of the eastern world. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, born in 1866, is considered to be the founder of abstract art. Among other important artists of abstract art are K.S. Malewitsch, Piet Mondrian, and others.

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