Amedeo Modigliani: Picture " Nude Female II." in a frame

Amedeo Modigliani:
Picture " Nude Female II." in a frame


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Arts Reproduction on paper | Mat | Solid wood frames | Glazed | Size 44.5 x 52 cm

Amedeo Modigliani: Picture " Nude Female II." in a frame

Painted around the 1909th. High-quality art Arts Reproduction on 240g fauna paper. Framed in silver solid wood framing with mat and silver anchor bar. Size with the frame 44.5 x 52 cm , glazed.

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The Italian painter and sculptor (1884-1920) had two motives in the Centre of his work: the portrait and the nude. With his distinctive length and stylized language of form produced a melancholy and lyrical mood. The soft is seemingly never-ending body shape of nudes female get her volume through a delicate powdery colour.

A sculptural work in 1909 led Modigliani to dealing with African sculptures, who style had influence on his style. However, his works are arrange to the avant-garde art movements of the 20th century. Fauvism and Cubism were more than formal and technical suggestions for Modigliani. He belonged to the triad of Jewish artists in Paris Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, which is clearly apparent to new styles. They articulated the world of sensations, which become feeling carriers the show and as main image understands the psychological moment in works.

In his portraits wants to make clear the nature of the. So numerous portraits of his friends, poets and artists emerged from the circle of Parisian intellectuals. The legacy of the Florentine Sienese painting lives on in the warm and yellow tones order of colours. As well as faces, the design of the painter combines charm with melancholy.

The portraits and nudes, which were added as landscapes only in the last two years of life, shown high sensitivity of the artist. The tragedy of his life ailing health worse by alcohol and drug and he died at 35 years.

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