"Jericho Cross" Gold-plated 24 carat, in a wooden frame


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Gold-plated 24 carat | Wooden frame| Size 20 x 25 cm | Jewellery box


"Jericho Cross" Gold-plated 24 carat, in a wooden frame

Jericho is a city located in the valley of Jordan River near Jerusalem the oldest cities in the world. Around the 13th century, Israelites defeated the city, the walls fell flat when the priests blew the trumpets (more precisely: shofar horns).

Jericho is also mentioned in the New Testament: this is where Jesus met the head tax collector Zacchaeus and heals blind Bartimaeus. Nevertheless, it is not easy to explain the name of this cross -design. Perhaps he has only indirectly related to Jericho:

The "Cross of Jericho" is similar to the "rose of Jericho", that long can survive droughts, and (apparently) back to life with the next downpour. It was considered as a “Resurrection plant” and was linked to the Christian cross in the symbolism.

"Cross of Jericho" 24 carat gold plated and is set in an elegant wooden frame. Size 20 x 25 cm.

Accessories: : comes in a high-quality jewellery box.

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